Online Installation

The recommended way to install PassGen is to use the Online Installation, outlined below.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Either:
    1. Launch - if you know you have all the prerequisites installed, or,
    2. Setup - if you are not sure you have all he prerequisites, or, because Launch showed an error.
  3. Both files have GPG Signatures (the (sig) links), which can be used to verify the download if you wish, see Code Signing to download the signing key(s) and for instructions on verifying the files.

  4. If you have chosen Setup, Click Run.

    You may see a User Access Control windows asking for permission to make changes to your computer, Click Yes, this is to install the prerequisites.

  5. When the Application Install - Security Warning window appears, check the Publisher contains "Joe Pitt" and is a blue hyperlink (you can click this to view the signing certificate), this means Windows has successfully verified the Digital Signature of the file, then click Install

  6. PassGen will be installed and will Launch automatically

  7. It is highly recommended you now close PassGen and Setup Word Lists for the Random Words Generator.

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