Word List Setup

Word Lists should be used as the source of words for the Random Words Generator, the longer the word list the better. PassGen used 4 word lists:

  • Adjectives.txt
  • Adverbs.txt
  • Nouns.txt
  • Verbs.txt

There are stored in: %AppData%\JoePitt\PassGen\

If word lists are not used then an Internet Connection is required to access an online service to get random words, much less secure!

Why aren't Word Lists installed with PassGen?

Word Lists are not automatically installed with PassGen as, the more random the Word Lists, the more secure the generated passwords should be, if an attacker knows the Word Lists you have used this can make it easier for them to guess your password.

Generating Word Lists

How you choose to generate your Word Lists is outside the scope of this User Manual, however, please note the format of the word lists is one word per line e.g.








Note: it is recommended you start words with a Capital Letter, this will make reading the generated passwords easier.

A sample set of word lists can be downloaded form https://www.joepitt.co.uk/Project/PassGen/download/WordLists.zip

Installing Word Lists

Once you have generated your Word Lists in the format and with the filenames above, open Windows Explorer, and in the address bar type %AppData%\JoePitt\PassGen\ then press Enter on your keyboard.

Copy or Move your Word Lists into this folder.

Known Issue

If you have not yet run PassGen then you will get an error that the folder does not exist.

To fix this simply launch and exit PassGen.

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